The Vision of the Institution is to impart qualitative education with life values, multifaceted skill and rationalism in order to make the students intellectually competent, morally upright, socially fit and rationally logic so that the students can emerge as useful citizens, thereby building the future of nation.


  • To develop the intellectual ability to attain academic excellence.
  • To develop creative thinking
  • To develop scientific temper
  • To develop leadership quality
  • To develop talent in fine arts
  • To instill life values


To be a leading institution in offering education of profound Quality, equipping the students continually with academic excellence and multi-faceted skills to enable them to pursue their higher studies and face the challenges of future.


The Periyar Group of Matriculation Schools are always striving to bring the best talents of our students particularly from rural areas and hail from backward and depressed and downtrodden sections in our society.

Education as per the advice of our mentor and the great visionary and philanthropist Thanthai Periyar E.V.Ramasamy should be the instrument of social change.

Women are the most deprived part of society in the field of education in our country.

To cure the malady, these Institutions were started and marching forward towards progress and excellence.

I am very happy that the teachers are very committed and involved in achieving our goal to make our students diamonds, and not mere pebbles.

I congratulate them for their selfless service to the taught as well as the parents.

Periyar’s Vision is to see a new world full of literates, Rationalists, Scientific tempered pupils. This aim is being achieved here day in and day out.


  • Treat everyone, irrespective of age and position, with respect and courtesy.
  • Be punctual and regular to school.
  • Respect property and ensure that buildings, furniture and fitting are nor defaced or damaged by anyone.
  • Maintain a dignified code of conduct. Stay clear of any anti social activity that harms or hurts self and anyone else.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language in school, at home and outside.
  • Avoid bullying or teasing fellow students in school in the bus or in your van.
  • Treat school property as it were your own.
  • Come to school in clean and appropriate uniform.